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The Tourist Season Begins

Every Year after the rainy season ends comes October which is the hottest month in The Year. Come mid-October the tourist Season Begins and the Hotels in The Gambia are revamping themselves getting ready for the season ahead of them. Tourists come mainly from the European & Scandinavian countries in order to escape their countries harsh winters and enjoy the warm weather and Beautiful Beaches of The Smiling Coast.

The Gambia is a small country however there is a magic feel to the Gambia, because whoever visits always finds their way back, there is something unique that drives visitors back time and time again. Is it because of the nice people, the beautiful sandy beaches or the peaceful ambience of the country? Well, whatever the case we know of tourists that have become so attached to The Gambia they return every year more than once and in some cases they decide to stay and make Gambia their homes.

As a tourist there are so many beautiful tourist attractions one can enjoy. Visit Juffreh, the home where Kunta Kinteh originated from and Alex Hailey based his book Roots on. Fort Bullen is where so many slaves passed as they left their countries to go to other lands across the oceans never to see their homes again. Apart from our beautiful beaches, take a cruise on the River Gambia. I’ve personally been on these cruises several times and it’s a great way to let your hair down and just enjoy the surrounding nature around you.

As if that is not enough have you ever heard of Crocodiles so tame you can stick your hand in its mouth and it won’t even move! Visit Katchikali Crocodile Pond. The crocodiles their have been around for ages and are said to be sacred that’s why they do not harm humans. Barren females go there to pray and ask god to help them to have children. These are just a few of the great sites to visit while in The Gambia. But reading about it is not enough; you have to experience it yourself.

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