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Jobs in Gambia: what you need to know

If you’re a looking to move home to the Gambia after several years abroad, you’ll want to know what the job opportunities are like. You may have trained for a particular job role, or be looking to start your own business or go into a specific industry.

Traditionally, the main jobs in Gambia tended to be in agriculture. However, the past few decades have seen a steady demand for employees in other sectors such as finance, construction, hospitality and manufacturing.

The good news is that the economy has been robust, with a period of almost constant growth, despite the global downturn. As a result, there are more jobs available than ever before. And, although the government has invested in education, there are still not enough highly skilled Gambians entering the workforce.

So, if you’re looking for jobs in The Gambia, now is a good time. Here are some areas that may be of interest:


If you’ve trained in finance, there are plenty of vacancies for accountants, financial advisors, bank tellers and branch managers. In fact, The World Bank has said thatthe Gambian banking system is one of the sources of strength of the economy.


The tourism industry continues to thrive, and new hotels and tour companies are opening all the time. Whether you’d like to be a chef, tour guide, bar manager, hotel receptionist or travel agent, there are plenty of opportunities. The hospitality sector is also ideal if you want to work your way up from the bottom.


Teaching jobs in The Gambia are a good way to give back to the community and help young Gambians to improve their lives. There are education programs throughout the country that you can join as well as a number of new schools.


The property sector is a high growth area. New houses, apartments and hotels are being built across the country and specifically in Banjul and Serrekunda. There is a high demand for construction professionals including architects, surveyors, builders and engineers.

As well as the above, there are also a wide range of opportunities in other areas. To find a range of jobs in The Gambia, you can contact the various companies listed on our website directly.

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