Sunday, September 25

10 herd of cattle found dead at Sami

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Jallow suspected foul play after having finding 10 of his cows dead near the farmland of a particular native of the same village.

Speaking to The Point, Imam Jallow said the loss of his animals is seriously disappointing to him considering the value of a cow, talk less of 10.

He revealed that the said cattle were all healthy in the morning before they left for the bush with the shepherd. He said the cows escaped from the shepherd on their return from the bush. To their surprise, while searching for them, they found 10 dead with their tongues and liquid running down from their mouths.

According to Imam Jallow, even the dogs, vultures and other animals that ate the carcass all died on the spot.

“I was very sad and disappointed when I saw 10 of my cows lying down with their stomachs swollen,” Jallow said.

Imam Jallow said the situation he found the cows made him and others conclude that they must have eaten some poisonous food. “I have never seen 10 healthy cows die the same day at same time and at same place and animals that tried to eat their remains died too,” he said.

He added that CIDs including Karantaba Police Station CIDs, veterinary officers and the Karantaba Health personnel visited the place and are doing their investigations.