Friday, March 24

10 Soldiers Receive Armoury Keeping & Arms Store Management Training

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By Buba Gagigo

Ten personnel of the Gambia Armed Forces (GAF) Friday completed a two-week armoury keeping and arms store management training.

“This course is very important to The Gambia Armed Forces soldiers. It is our responsibility to safely use our weapons amongst our comrades and to effectively use it against the enemy. These cannot be done without purposeful realistic training programmes and training programmes, like this one is very important to The Gambia Armed Forces the ways and means our arms are stored and managed goes a long way to determine and protect the territorial integrity of our country,” Lt. Col. Omar B. Bojang said on behalf of the CDS.

The GAF Chief Instructor, Captain Abdoulie Secka, described the two-weeks training as significant.

He said the armoury storekeeping course and armoury store anagement course are a continuation of previously delivered courses of similar nature by the Mine Advisory Group to arms store men of the Gambia Armed forces who have not benefited in a training in order to integrate best practices in handling of arms and ammunitions within Gambia Armed forces Armouries.

“I can certainly state that the armoury storekeeper course has equipped the

participants with the necessary storekeeping of arms and ammunitions skills, including weapons safety, accountability, weapons maintenance, fire hazards, firefighting and access control. Similarly, the armoury store management course as also prepared the participants in armoury management skills such as transportation of weapons, UN classification of ammunition, armoury risk assessment, armoury construction and refurbishment,” Captain Abdoulie Secka said.

Today marked the end of the two weeks armuory storekeeping and arms store

management training course for the GAF personnel.

During the training, the participants learned a wide range of areas such as weapon safety and handling, small arms identification, and arms store management skills.