Wednesday, October 4

‘11 CRR communities did not benefit from covid-19 food aid’

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However, NAO’s interview with the consignee of Kerr Auldi in CRR North revealed that there are 11 villages within CRR that did not benefit from the food aid relief. Accordingly, the villages were listed under no distribution point.

These villages include Ngain, Taiba 1, Touba Pakala, Keur Tamsir, Jama Tukulor, Keur Wakka, Mbambara Falaka, Keur Laye, Keur Isab, Bantanto Alhagie Demba and Mamud Fana.

Dwelling on the implication, the report noted that there was a risk that residents of these villages would not benefit from the food aid relief, thus defeating the purpose of the food aid.

NAO recommended that the procurement and distribution should have been properly planned to avoid instances like that.

In response to this, the management of the Food Aid stated that during the data collection exercise by the regional governance team, “most of the villages refused registration and hence did not trust the objectives and once the distribution started, others advanced to force registration. This has cost us dearly hence the logistic data was only on the data received by most and had to be accommodated based on a case basis.”