Tuesday, December 5

19-year-old mobile theft suspect weeps for mercy in court

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By Binta A Bah

There was an emotional scene at the Bundung Magistrates’ Court last Friday as Muhammed Jaiteh, a 19-year-old bitterly wept like a child in the courtroom as he pleads for mercy and forgiveness from the court which tried him for stealing a mobile phone from one Katim Mbye, a taxi driver.

Immediately after the court read the charge against him, the young lad pleaded for forgiveness.

“Please forgive me. I am guilty and I regret my actions,” Jaiteh started before the magistrate in tears. “I plead for forgiveness and mercy. My parents are old and this is my first time of stealing.”

Prosecutors said Jaiteh stole a mobile phone costing D6000 from Katim Mbye after he hired him to take him to Coastal Road in on August 21.

According to police Inspector Sanyang, Jaiteh asked the driver for his phone to make a call but ran away with it.

He was arrested the following day after he went back to the Latrikunda market to hire another taxi.

Sentencing him, the presiding magistrate ordered him to pay D5500 to the complainant and another D2500 in default serve two months imprisonment.