Sunday, November 27

2 boys die in attempt to cross sand mine trenches in Gunjur

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The danger posed to life, property and livelihood by malevolent and unregulated sand mining activities at Gunjur beach became a reality when two boys lost their lives on Wednesday 28 September 2022 while attempting to cross a trench dug by sand miners.

Kawsu Darboe and Ebrima Jammeh from Gunjur, both aged 9 and close friends died when they drowned in the trenches left by sand mining.

The boys were the children of Falagie Darboe alias Kai from Gunjur but currently residing in the United Kingdom (UK) and Abdou Jammeh of Gunjur.

According to reliable sources, four boys from same area in Gunjur went to sand mining area to cross to the area where the women’s gardens around the junuba area of the beach is located.

There have been calls for the stop of illegal sand mining activities at the coastal shoreline of Kombo and for sand mining companies to ensure areas mined are restored as hundreds of women rely on these areas for their livelihoods.

The empty trenches left by sanding mining activities pose threat to life during the rainy season as these trenches are filled with rain water that cause drowning.