Saturday, December 3

2 executive members for Gambia for 5 Years join UDP

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Speaking to executives and supporters at the UDP political bureau in Manjai, Abdou William said he shifted his allegiance to the United Democratic on the grounds that the President Barrow administration is not going in the right direction.

“With all the series of political activities in the Gambia there is no political party where one can find my name. But today I’m a member of the UDP,” he told UDP supporters.

The new UDP adherent sent a strong message to the government, saying he will never allow anyone to be a dictator or deny Gambians from enjoying their fundamental rights.

William dismissed claims that he was bribed to join his new party and said “no person has ever even used money to join the UDP.”

“Why should I be paid to do a service for a place where I belong? I belong to the UDP. I came on board because I believe that we all should give the Gambia the best of the futures,” he said. 

Omar Sanyan, former national president for (GFYPB), said his former organisation was formed to be apolitical, noting it was meant to defend the constitutional order as well as maintain peace in the country but later the Barrow government turned it to a political organisation.

“However, today, I have declared myself a UDP child forever,” he told the gathering.

He said Lamin Jammeh of National People’s Party (NPP) was supposed to shift his alliance with them but he failed to appear at the ceremony due to circumstances beyond his control.

“President Barrow cannot make it,” he declared.

In his welcoming statement, Hon. Ousainou Darboe, the leader and secretary general for UDP, described the Gambia for 5 Years and Peace Building executive members joining the UDP as a major political decision. He said that the decision will earn them a place in the history of the country.

“In fact, you are earning yourselves a greater place in the country because you are coming to join the rest of the patriotic Gambians who are going to usher a new political dispensation that will take into consideration the view expressed by the majority of the Gambian people,” he asserted.  

He added both Messrs. William and Sanyang shifted their allegiance to the United Democratic Party because they have the same value with the party.

However, he said: “The leadership of UDP has been very careful of what we say GFYPB because we believe that this is their view and that it must be respected.”

Momodou Sabally, the man behind that ceremony said he would not force any youth to join his party but he only approaches them humanely. He assured to urge more development oriented youth to join UDP.