Sunday, February 5

2 lawmakers give contrasting views on draft constitution

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Edition: Thursday, September 24, 2020 at 4:43 PM


Saikou Marong, the member for Latirkunda Sabijie Constituency told The Point that he voted against the draft constitution because it is designed to politically favour some individuals.

“I voted against the draft which is politically motivated to favour individuals. My second reason is; I voted against it because with the 1997 Constitution Parliament cannot pass retroactive laws.”

“There are lots of discriminatory clauses; for example dual citizenship cannot stand for presidential elections in The Gambia. Gambian public servant cannot work anywhere.”

“Like many Gambians, I am in favour of two terms limit.”

Madi Ceesay, the lawmaker for Serekunda West  said: “I voted in favour of constitution for two terms limit to be adopted – that the president whoever he appoints; like ministers, chief justice and other high positions, parliament vet  their appointments.”

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