Wednesday, November 30

20-year-old boy drowned at Kerewan River

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By: Haruna Kuyateh

The body of a 20-year-old boy, Alagie Hydara who hailed from Madina Kuta in Guinea Conakry has been discovered after a thorough search of the river where he went swimming with other friends, on Thursday, 10th November 2022.

Alagie Hydara before this ugly incident was an Arabic Student at the Quranic Memorization School in Kerewan, North Bank Region, around 2 pm of the day this incident happened when they finished threshing rice he and three other friends decided to go to the riverside to swim where he met his untimely death.

The accident took people by surprise, the family members, friends, and neighbours come out in numbers to sympathise.

Among the sympathizers, Imam Bubacar Tamba Ceesay of Kerewan mosque, and proprietor of Quranic Memorization School expressed their heartfelt condolence to the family. He called on parents to be God-fearing and pray for the departed soul and may God grant him Jannat ul fridaws.

The guidance of the demised, Mamadou Njie of Kerewan said it was a loss for the family but thanked the people of Kerewan for their solidarity and support in the search for the boy when he got drowned.

Governor Lamin Saidykhan echoed a similar sentiment and call on people to desist from swimming at the riverside, especially those that don’t understand swimming.

Meanwhile, the three other friends are in good condition they haven’t jumped inside the river when the boy drowned according to them Alagie was the first person to jumped into the river but when he was nowhere to be seen the other three ran and shout for help.