Monday, October 2

2020: No open tender conducted at JAC for procurement

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This is one of the series of non-compliant issues raised before the Commission, where Phoday Jaiteh and Ebrima Sayang, GPPA DG and director of Procurement Policy and Operations respectively, have been testifying.

A purchase order is a commercial document issued by a purchaser of a product or service to a supplier or seller, indicating the types, quantities and agreed prices for products or services required.

According to the GPPA compliance review report for Janjangbureh for 2020, there were 450 transactions, out of which 448 transactions, about 99.6%, were conducted using single sourcing. The value of the single-sourced transactions was D2, 869, 702.54

The year 2021, the total procurement transactions for single sourcing was 343, representing 95.8% of the total transactions.

Also, it is established that CEO did not fulfil the duties placed onto him by the GPPA Act, and the CEO did not appoint members of the required committees like the inspection, evaluation, receipt and examinations committees.

GPPA also stated that the CEO did not also ensure a procurement plan was sent to the GPPA annually as required by law. In addition, the CEO did not ensure there was proper record keeping.

There were two people working at the procurement unit of Janjangbureh Area Council, who were Mariama Kandeh and Mamadou Leigh. On their findings, the reviewers from GPPA said the personnel working at the procurement unit were not handling any procurement transaction of the council in the year 2020.

Witness Sanyang said the procurement unit should handle all procurement transactions.