Wednesday, February 1

2022 Flood Causes over $28million worth of Economic Damage- Disaster Boss

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Kebba Ansu Manneh

SannaDahaba, the Executive Director of the National Disaster Management Agency has disclosed that over twenty-eight million dollars ($28million) worth of economic damages was inflicted by 2022, nationwide flooding that resulted in Internally Displaced Persons, loss of foodstuff and household valuables.

In an interview with The Voice the Executive Director Mr. Dahaba disclosed that the NDMA and partners have made a holistic assessment of the disaster-prone areas of the country that will henceforth inform government decisions in managing disasters in the country.

“Last year has been very challenging for us (NDMA) in terms of flood and windstorms that cause severe damage to our infrastructures as well as to the lives and livelihoods of the Gambian people. NDMA and partners have assessed the situation which indicated that the flooding caused over twenty-eight million dollars ($ 28 million) worth of economic damages to the country,” NDMA boss disclosed.

He added: “The assessment conducted in partnership with the  United Nations Disaster Management Coordination (UNDAC) has made a holistic assessment of the disaster risk situation of the country and this assessment will inform government policies in terms of disaster management. However, the public must also come on board to support the government in terms of the implementation process and adhering to various regulations on the ground.”

According to him, 2022, has been a challenging year for the NDMA in terms of floods and windstorm experiences in the country where many families endure various challenges ranging from displacement, and damage to foodstuffs, household materials, and many other valuable materials.

The NDMA boss further revealed that the government has injected over six million dalasi (D6million) to help the flood victims across the country through the provision of foodstuffs, blankets, and temporary accommodations while an additional over one million dollars was mobilized by the United Nations Central Funds to buy food and nonfood items for disaster victims.

“The government of the Gambia supported over D6 million) and other partners also supported in their ways either in support of goods and other non-food items to the victims. In addition to that, when victims were hosted at the St. Augustine Senior Secondary School and the Friendship Hostel at the Independence Stadium, the Gambia Red Cross Society contributed significantly to making lives less hectic and boring for the Internally Displaced Persons,” the national disaster boss further disclosed.

He added: “The President of the Republic, Adama Barrow has also contributed immensely towards the cause of the victims through his support. The President has personally donated ten thousand dalasi (D10, 000) to each of the households which went a long way in helping the victim’s resettlement.

“The NDMA Director-General continued to inform the Gambian populace that climate change is real and the government is doing everything in its power to minimize the impact in the country, noting that the government must come up with policy measures to mitigate climate change. At the institutional level we are working on plans to address the environmental problems at Jabang village, we are also looking at Jeswang and as well the Kotu Stream. We are with the strongest belief that in these challenges among others will be addressed in 2023, which in turn will go a long way in addressing environmental challenges in the Greater Banjul Areas,” Mr. Dahaba added.

Dahaba finally stated that the Local Government Authorities have been the key stakeholder of the NDMA in terms of waste management and disaster risk reduction and it is part of the plan to support the local government.