Friday, December 1

275 Senegalese youths perish at sea

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President Macky Sall, who will leave office April 2nd, 2024, has responded to the new tragedy by appointing a special ministerial committee charged with the responsibility to “neutralise” irregular migration of Senegalese youths.

The committee comprises the ministries of foreign affairs, justice, defence and the interior. The Senegalese government will provide everything the ministerial committee needs to stem the flow of Senegalese taking dangerous routes to foreign lands.

Last August, over 60 youths from Fass Boye were confirmed dead, more than a month after their boat set sail from the coastal fishing town. The Western Mediterranean Route from countries in West Africa, including Senegal and the Gambia towards Spain, is one of the most frequently used routes to reach Europe and also one of the most dangerous.

As well as being a land of departure for thousands of Senegalese youths setting their sights on better economic opportunities in Europe, Senegal is also a transit country for West Africans, including Gambians, heading to Europe.

Twenty-one Gambian youths, mostly from the coastal town of Bakau, recently died while also trying to reach Europe via the Mediterranean.

Source: Le Temoin