Thursday, September 21

371 Public and Environmental Health officers warned as suspension Commuted to one month

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The Public Service Commission of Personnel Management Office has announced the approval of the commutation of the suspension without salary of the 371 Public and Environmental Health Officers from 2 (two) months to 1 (one) month.

“As such,” the office of the PSC said, “they will not receive salaries for the month of July 2022, but will have their salaries reinstated with effect from August 1 2022.”

In a letter made available to the press, it was stated “accordingly, they are hereby warned that in future they should desist from engaging in such unauthorized absence from duties and unethical conduct, as any such tendencies shall be met with harsher penalties without reconsideration.”

“In view of this, all affected Public and Environmental Health Officers are advised to report to their duty stations on Monday 1st August 2022,” they informed the concerns through the letter