Saturday, December 3

4 candidates vie for Kerr Jarga ward

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By Amadou Jadama

Four candidates are vying for the Kerr Jarga ward councillorship which is open for grabs tomorrow in an already congested by-election.

The candidates are Momodou Silla UDP, Yama Cham GDC, Awa Gaye NPP, and Wuye Jarra of APRC.

The seat became vacant after former councilor Alpha Khan, who won it under the GDC ticket in 2018, resigned.

Speaking to The Standard yesterday, MC Cham Jr of the GDC said his party is working on retaining the seat as well as teaching the NPP a lesson.

However, Karamo Jadama of the NPP said the GDC has lost their support base to the NPP because the people of the ward want development under Adama Barrow.

A member of the UDP team in the ward, Momodou Marr is convinced that the UDP will win the seat. The APRC’s deputy spokesman, Dodou Jah said the party’s candidate Wuye Jarra is a great attraction to the electorate, some of whom had previously not taken any interest in the polls. There are voters in the ward and given the number of candidates, observers believe the turn out will be high.