Tuesday, March 21

4 Gambians to participate in Pan-African Climate Justice annual meeting

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The event will be held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on 13 and 14 February 2023.

PACJA developed its 10-year organisational strategic framework to track and record annual milestones achieved within this period.

The workshop will provide an opportunity for the entire PACJA team to reflect on the work done in 2022 and plan for 2023. During this time, the team will review the achievements made in the year 2022, reflect on areas of improvement and develop their respective projects based on their annual strategic initiatives and work plans and align them with the organisational results and frameworks as envisioned in the strategic framework 2021 – 2030 and a short-term strategic plan for 2021 – 2025.

The Gambians invited are Samba Faye, CEO of Plantation Nurseries in Fass Njaga Choi, North Bank Region, Joe Bongay, Designate Focal Point for PACJA Gambia, Tuti Harriet B. Sagnia, and Buba Y. Janneh.

Expressing his delight in the invitation to participate in the event, Mr Faye said the retreat will allow them to outline their activities for the year and also showcase the milestones and achievements they have registered regarding climate change.