Friday, March 24

‘407 water points, 1,238 sanitation facilities’ in Gambia affected by floods

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Reports by the National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) of The Gambia has highlighted that over 407 water points and 1, 238 sanitation facilities in The Gambia have been affected by the recent floods that engulfed the country last month.

“Four hundred and seven water points and 1,238 sanitation facilities have been affected. This is particularly of huge concern in the Greater Banjul Area, especially Tobacco Road in Banjul, Ebo Town, Kotu-Manjai and Nemakunku,” the agency noted.

“In these and many more communities, water is not receding at all or is doing so at a very slow pace. Further, rains are adding up to water levels.”

The agency further highlighted that across the affected areas, the sewage system has overflowed and mixed with the flood waters, with Tobbaco Road being an example of particular concern.

“Children and other people are seen playing in these waters or walking through to access shops and markets, putting their health at risk.

“These floods and stagnant waters have also brought dangerous reptiles close to communities, posing a further risk to the population,” the disaster agency further added.

Furthermore, the agency noted, most sanitation facilities are overflowing and communities have reported challenges of access to clean drinking water. Water testing has been initiated and it is expected that the results will soon be available to inform the response efforts.