Tuesday, March 21

44 boys completed 2months initiation ceremony of social cohesion and conflict resolution initiatives

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By: HarunaKuyateh

As part of reviving traditional circumcision, the community elders, Village Development Committee, youths and diaspora are galvanizing efforts to impact on the lives of young one. The initiative aimed to enable young ones to learn culture and tradition as they prepare to take on manhood and how to respect elders through signs, symbols and looking.

This type of culture is dying in many communities and as a result of western ideology, but many believe that that culture and tradition should be preserved for posterity for generations yet to come. The second edition was held on Saturday in Manneh Kunda , Upper River Region.

Lasana Manneh, the alkalo of Basse Manneh Kunda has underscored the significance of the revival of traditional initiation or circumcision of male boys.

 He said the revival of traditional circumcision is crucial in promoting unity and cooperation.

Alkalo Manneh thanked parents, family members and neighbors for the solidarity and described the tradition as unique as it is apolitical and above all would strengthen social harmony.

ManlafiSanyang Chairman of Basse Manneh KundaVillabe Development Committee noted that the revival of traditional initiation provides an opportunity for young one to learn, nurture and respect traditional norms and values. He noted that the event forms part of the village every 5 years initiation of promoting traditional activities.

The VDC Chairman uses the moment to call on communities to emulate MannehKunda and Mansajang among others, as a means of problem solving and to serve as a peace building initiative. He described the role of VDC in promoting development aspiration through attainment of sustainable peace.

Duta Manneh the head of the circumcision noted that all the 40 children were safe and healthy. He thanked parents, council of elders and surrounding communities for their support.

Alh.Ndaba Kuyateh said the revival of traditional practices enhances social relationships. The cultural dancing and singing denote key messages that can contribute to fostering economic and social relationships.

Nfally Manneh Chairman of Manneh Kunda Family Group hailed the mutual cooperation in advancing social cohesion in attaining meaningful socioeconomic development. He reiterated for stronger collaboration among citizens at home and abroad on implementation of development projects.

The event was characterised by traditional kankurang masquerade, dancing of children and wearing of traditional attires.