Thursday, September 21

62-Year-Old Man and Family Rendered Homeless After Destructive Rain

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By Binta Jaiteh 

A 62-year-old Bakary Ceesay and his children are currently without shelter after rain completely destroyed their house in Wuli Kolibantang in the Upper River Region (URR).

Ceesay, his wives and nine children now shelter with neighbors as he could not still raise money or find materials to rebuild his house.

In an interview with The Voice, the 62-year-old man explained that a heavy downpour devastated his house on June 15th anddisplaced the entire family.

He stated that the rain has completely damaged his house, adding that he caught Pneumonia in the aftermath of the destruction.

“I have no biological brother, who can help me look after my children. It’s only neighbours that are currently assisting me with food and other needs of the family,” he told this medium.

“At this moment, I am deeply worried about the condition of my family. My family is in a dire state and we need urgent assistance from anyone who could support us,”Ceesay said.

He acknowledged that the government has provided them with food assistance but appealed for support to rebuild his house as, according to him, the family is currently faced with numerous dangers.