Friday, June 9

700 communities to be electrified in next 2 years – NAWEC MD

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“Our access level in the country is just a little above 45 percent, but we are working hard [to ensure]by 2025 to increases access to our services up to about 85 percent. It could even be universal access,” he said.

“Over 700 communities are going to be electrified in the next 2 years, and we are also upgrading the transmission and distribution networks. You have all seen what is happening with the 225 line, and have also seen what is happening with Janbang substation.

“We are also building a national control centre to be able to modernise our infrastructure, because for the first time we will be able to control remotely our operations. You have seen how we struggle when we have outages, when people have faults on the network, how our teams will struggle to troubleshoot before they will address a particular problem.”

With these investments, the NAWEC boss said, there will be a big difference in the terms of the quality of services NAWEC provides to its customers, noting further that heavy investments are also being carried out to improve the quality of voltage in areas that are currently having some voltage issues.

The NAWEC MD also said that a number of secondary transformers have been procured, which shall be installed to improve the quality of the voltage in those areas, so that customers also can continue to enjoy quality and reliable electricity supply.

“These are all things that this utility needed to do but in the absence of the right tariff, it is going to be impossible to do any investment because we cannot even maintain operations much more talking about investment,” he said, justifying the electricity and water  tariff increment that shall take effect on April 10.