Saturday, April 1

75 Youth undergoing Performing Arts Entrepreneurship training

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  By. Musa O.Bah

At least 75 youths selected from different backgrounds are currently attending the Flex Fuzion Entertainment and Dance Academy in Bakau

A performing arts entrepreneurship training organised by Flex Fuzion Entertainment and Dance Academy is a six months training project on entrepreneurship, artistic skills training, and mentorship.

The project funded by the US Embassy Banjul started on Monday 13th February 2023, in Bakau with a six-day intensive training on Entrepreneurship and artistic skills.

 Speaking at the official opening of the project, Mrs. Ndey Fatou Jabang, CEO of Flex Fuzion Entertainment and Dance Academy said capacity building for the creative industries is one of the company’s core goals to empower and strengthen the sectors.

She said Flex Fuzion Entertainment and Dance Academy was thrilled to commence the second cohort of this initiative by training 75 youths in the areas of music, dance, theatre, Modeling, and more to improve the livelihoods of the youth in their area of interest.

She noted that the participants will undergo a three months mentorship program where they will be linked to successful individuals in their sectors to mentor, guide and share their experiences.

 She highlighted that last year June 2022, they trained the first batch of 75 performing arts participants in dance, music, theatre, script writing, and modeling, and they try by all means to implement more capacity-building training to boost the industry.

Madam Jabang thanked the donors (US Embassy Banjul) and partners the National Enterprises Development Initiative (NEDI) and Gambia Union of Theatre for their support towards the development of young people in the artistic sectors.

 This year, she said, over 300 people applied for the program but unfortunately the target number was 75 participants. “I am also expecting that after the training the participants will be well equipped with the required knowledge in both entrepreneurship and artistic skills to run and sustain themselves, turning their passions into professions and be self-sufficient in their areas of concentration,” said Ndey Fatou.

 Abdoulie Bah one of the creative directors of Flex Fuzion Entertainment and Dance Academy highlighted the significance of such training while appreciating people that put efforts together to see that the project is held successfully.

 In an extension, he thanked the trainees and urged them to take the program seriously as they are part of the pioneers for the future success of this project for many years to come.

 Meanwhile, Sainabou Sey who is a participant in the project also gave her appreciation to the founders of the initiative and every individual that took responsibility to see that the program is successful.