Saturday, March 25

80% of KMC residents don’t pay house rates –Mayor Bensuda

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He made this revelation at London Corner on Tuesday while on a tour as mandated by the Local Government Act.

“We want to make it clear to the people of London, that they are not paying their rates, but it is not limited to them 80% of KMC residents don’t pay house rates. Therefore, the money people claim KMC has majority of it is generated from businesses. “If you look at what we generate from house rates collection, it’s not more than D1.5 million and that can’t develop KMC,” Mayor pointed out. 

He urged the people to pay their rates as is the best way they can develop the municipality.

He acknowledged the difficulties the London Market is facing and reassured that a document is signed to start the market maintenance.

He also urged the government to help them allocate empty lands to move from dumping waste at the Bakoteh Dump Site to a suitable one.

“It is beyond our power to allocate ourselves with lands and we continue to ask thegovernment to consider providing an empty land to move from dumping waste at Bakoteh to a suitable place.” 

He further highlighted his plans of constructing a 23 KM roads, 40 million worth market and providing waste grinding machines among other developments for KMC.