Sunday, January 29

AAH, NATC wrap up exchange visit to agroecology sites in Senegal

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 By: Haruna Kuyateh

Njawara Agricultural Training Centre (NATC) in partnership with Action Against Hunger (AAH) Green Economy Project, a European Union-funded project recently concluded 6 days site visit in Dakar and Podor to Dynamics for an Agroecological Transition in Senegal (DyTAES) with decentralized branches.

The site visiting objective is meant to learn from Agroecology actors in Senegal the process and pathways of building and structuring their movement known as “Dynamics for an Agroecological Transition in Senegal (DyTAES)” and its dismemberments ascribed as “Dynamics for a Local Agroecological Transition (DyTAEL).

During the meeting, the Gambian delegation discussed with the Civil Society Organization known as Dynamics for an Agroecological Transition in Senegal (DyTAES) to promote shared learning on the adoption and practice of agroecology farming and with particular emphasis on the use of organic manure and it relevant.

Absa Mbodji, a Monitoring Officer for DyTAES said the organisation attaches great importance to the engaging government of Senegal through advocacy of promoting agroecology practices.

She said the advocacy pay dividend because there is a political commitment by the government of Senegal, citing the subvention of 10% agricultural budget on organic manure, noting that all actors were involved in agroecology from civil society organizations, farmer-based structures, researchers, down to government and international organisations operating in Senegal.

She noted that the use of a caravan to create public awareness about the importance of agroecology practices and their impacts is fundamental in the attainment of meeting the goal of preserving forest cover from over-exploitation and boosting the food system.

Mama Manneh and Mamsamba Joof, the Executive Director of Njawara Agricultural Training Centre and Agency for the Development of Women and Children ADWAC respectively reiterated the need for a holistic and integrated approach in the reinforcement of agroecology practices in food production.

They added that the exchange visit helped to enhance shared learning among country and value chain actors in the processing of agricultural products.

Aladji Diack, the Country Coordinator for Action Against Hunger (AAH) Green Economy Project through joint action described the visit as crucial in attaining the project goal. He noted the need for Agroecology Practitioners to be vigilant and shared best practices to accelerate the food production system

Haddy Joof, President of Value Chain Actors Platform NBR said the active involvement, and participation of women and youths demonstrated their resolve to food production and marketing.

Alpha Sey, Project Manager for Green Economy thanked partners in Senegal for their invaluable contribution lives changing initiatives on the food system.