Wednesday, June 7

Abdoulie Bojang says Gambia’s security is at risk

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By Binta Jaiteh

Abdoulie Bojang, a former parliamentary aspirant for Foni Kansala has said that the Gambia’s security and sovereignty are at risk.

“Our laws need to be reviewed because our peace is threatened. Our borders are unprotected and the hard reality is that the Gambia is losing a lot and foreigners are overcoming the citizens which are very sad.  There is nothing more important than a country’s future and its resources. With this trend of immigration and land grabbing with abuse of drugs, illegal acquisition of national documents,” Bojang told The Voice in an exclusive interview.

He also said the Gambia’s future is the youth and the youths are faced with unemployment and other challenges, adding unfortunately the youths of this country are more into drugs, trafficking, gambling, and prostitution which will deter the development of the country.

Bojang stressed that the borders must be secured and protected for the safety of the citizens and that people should be honest and develop the country without political interference, noting the country needs land reforms if a great future is what the people want.

“Why are foreigners rushing to buy our strategic lands and why are foreigners controlling and dominating our economy and the government is still silent on the serious problems affecting the citizens,” he questioned,

He added that politics has undermined the development where people see only individual interest and neglect the electorates, noting that it has already begun that foreigners are voting and taking part in the national decision-making processes which should be addressed.

 He urged that politicians, lawmakers, and relevant institutions should act and rescue this country because things are getting worse.

“This is the country that we have which we should all work towards its development. I vowed to continue making sure that our country is protected and saved,” he said.