Wednesday, February 8

Abuko livestock vendors share their challenges

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By Sainabou Sanneh & Musa O Bah

Livestock like sheep and goats and cattle has been a common business in The Gambia. The buying and selling of this livestock have minimized difficulties in providing meat during feasts and other occasions.

The Voice recently visited vendors at  Abuko livestock centre where these animals are selling  where vendors shared some of their experience and challenges they faced.

Alagie Musa Ndow who sells sheep explained the low sale they are experiencing on a daily basis unlike before.

‘I’ve been selling groundnut hay for the past years during those days I used to  go to   the bush and collect the groundnut hay for a supply but now that I have my own place I’ve decided to stay and run my business. Our main challenge here is water, we don’t even have a source of water we find it very hard to have access to water if the Gamtel is close we go to our  neighbouring places in search of water,’ Seedy Jallow a vendor told The Voice.

Pap Sanyang, a butcher explained the problem they encounter to get CFA anytime that it increases which also contributes to high price in business.

‘Every individual wants a good product, so for that been the case we go a healthy product, and every day we pay duty but nothing changes. If the government can help to put a control on the CFA  that will be appreciated because it gets increase every time . We import most of our goods; a quality healthy meet is never cheap because there is a doctor at the place where we slaughter cattle who check the cattle before we sell. We just plead to the government to have a price control,’ they explained.