Wednesday, October 4

Accused Threatens To Kill My Daughter – PW2

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By Nicholas Bass

Fatou Ceesay who is the PW2 in the case involving BubaCeesay and Mam Jarra Darboe has revealed in the court that the accused Buba Ceesay threatened to kill her daughter, Mam JarraDarboe.

The PW2 confessed this to the Kanifing Magistrates’ Court presided over by Magistrate Mben on Monday, 28th August 2023.

In her revelation of the deadly threats that Buba made against her daughter, Fatou Ceesay told the court that Buba threatened to kill her daughter when his son tried to enter inside a wet room that was swept by her daughter, Mam. She also said that the accused claimed that his son had more rights in the compound than Mam.

According to PW2, Buba prefers to kill her daughter Mam to serve a jail term. She went further saying she reported the dispute to one Fatou Bojang at Kairaba Police Station at the Child Welfare Unit.

‘’I took my cellphone and recorded the voice of Buba and it was transferred to a USB memory drive ’’, Fatou told the court and she wept. 

However, prosecutor Corporal Bakary Jarra applied for the USB memory drive that contained the audio message of Buba to be admitted and marked as an exhibit. 

Magistrate Faal admitted and marked the USB memory drive as exhibit XC1.

Meanwhile, the charged filed against Buba Ceesay revealed that on or about 3rd May 2023 at Kanifing Layout in KanifingMunicipality of The Gambia threatened to kill by words one Mam Jarra Darboe.