Tuesday, June 6

ACDHRS discusses threats to regional stability from Senegal, Sudan

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The event looked thoroughly into the situations of the two AU member states through the lens of the nationals of the respective countries.

Speaking at the event, Chairperson of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights, Rémy Ngoy Lumbu, stated that Africa should decide to look into transformation and do away with crime-related issues.

“At this period of continental transformation, Africa needs all these initiatives to promote dialogue and tranquility to prove that Africa is a peaceful continent,” he said. 

He also advised governments to allow citizens of their nations to express their fundamental human rights and to not only focus on security.

“People should be allowed to hold peaceful protests among other human rights to express their issues without fear,” he said. 

Mrs Hannah Forster, Executive Director of ACHRDS, said all hands should be on deck to prevent unconstitutional coup from taking place anywhere in Africa.

“We have seen so many African countries agree to no third terms but in turn come with various ways to stay in power, which should be eradicated peacefully to ensure political stability,” she noted.

Mr George Kegoro, Director of Policy and Engagement at Open Society, said conflict steered in Sudan has cost lives and properties whilst Senegal has been experiencing instability too.

“We wish for all actors to contribute to stopping the conflict in Sudan and preventing any suspected violence in Senegal.”