Monday, October 2

Africell and Innovarx provide free medical checkups to people

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By Mustapha Jarju

Africell in partnership with Innovarx on Friday staged a two-day free medical checkup for interested persons at the KMC AfriPark in Fajara.

The organised checkup covered blood Pressure tests (Hypertension), blood sugar tests (Diabetes) body composition (screen for Obesity and Malnutrition) and Hemoglobin tests.

Speaking on behalf of the Board Members for the initiative at the opening of the free medical checkup, Sola Mahony said the effort by Africell and Innovarx was about helping people and for the people, also, to help themselves, their community and family around.

He said this is something Innovarx has been doing for quite some time, but this signifies the event which Innovarx has been doing in helping people with their health issues.

In his opening remarks, Dr. Ismaila Badjie from Innovarx said they started it globally in 2019, but they have realized that the biggest obstacle to the health sector was “ourselves.” Noting that, health awareness is one aspect that they always want to help people aware of.

He noted that hardly could you see people going for a checkup this prompted him to say any Gambian could tell you anything that he or she felt that is wrong with him or her health system. He quickly raised some concerning questions that it is the same Gambians if you ask them when was the last time they woke up and go for a blood pressure checkup or the last time they decided that four (4) teaspoons of sugar are too much for a glass of tea, and when was the last time they decided to go for a 30minutes walk on the beach which is free.

Speaking on behalf of Africell, dilated on the Africell intervention since its inception saying it has surpassed through enhancing a lot of business and over the period Africell has work forward to renegade their

house as Africell, as Africell health, means everything.

Sise reflected on the Covid-19 period that, Africell was the first institution of business to launch the WHO Covid-19 guideline in the house by allowing their staff to work from home.

He said Africell was the single biggest donor towards the Covid-19 fight in the country with the largest amount to the Health Ministry and the country,

He stated further that the KMC AfriPark is meant to strengthen and complement the health sector because the structure funded by Africell is a park where sportsmen and women could come and do different games. In addition, Africell would always do an effort to support the Country’s health sector.

Seyfo Singhateh from the Ministry of Health said a survey carried out indicated that 90% of the Country’s population has never visited any health facility to know whether they have diabetes or hypertension.

Mr. Singhateh advised people to always go to the hospital if they realize any changes in their body and to know their health status because the Ministry of Health and partners are working to control incommunicable diseases.