Wednesday, November 30

After Scandalous Video Bojang Apologises, Vows To Continue Politics

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Lamin Satu Bojang
Party Leader ANRD

By Buba Gagigo

The Secretary General and leader of the newly formed political Party Alliance For National Re-orientation and Development (ANRD), Lamin Bojang has apologised to Gambians on the nude video associated with him while serving as the leader of Gambia Action Party [GAP].

“My focus is now on ANRD [Alliance For National Re-orientation and Development]. I have forgiven everyone responsible. But I’m apologizing to anyone that may be affected in the process. I didn’t do it, and I will never do that kind of thing” Mr Bojang said.

However, Bojang still maintains that the said video was just manipulated to tarnish his image and vowed to move on with his political career on Kerr Fatou’s weekly show ‘Politic Kaacha’ on Tuesday.

Lamin Bojang is the former party leader of the Gambia Action Party (GAP). He was expelled by the party, after he accused the senior officials of the Gambia Action Party of being responsible for sharing the sad videos. But Gen Bojang has now bounced back as the leader of ANRD, after a long break from politics.