Tuesday, June 6

AGM: TANGO gets new chair

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Yadicon Njie Eribo who is the director of FAWEGam, has been elected as the new chair and Yusupha Gomez of GAFNA is the vice chair, while Jainaba Tida Sarr is treasurer.

The new team took over from former chair John Charles Njie and his team.

Speaking during the congress held at TANGO’s ground, Mrs Ndey Sireng Bakurin, executive director of TANGO, expressed delight while clarifying that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the organisation had not been able to conduct its AGM since 2017.

“More than a year as Executive Director at TANGO, I have had the privilege of meeting some of the most inspiring citizens and brave CSO colleagues relentlessly advocating for broadening the civic space, democratic governance and human rights in The Gambia,” she stated. “Some CSOs work towards improving communication and accountable governance through the Citizens Demand Charter and a host of NGOs and CSOs working towards addressing injustice, inequality, youth development, gender mainstreaming, gender equity, and climate action, as well as enhancing peace, good governance and human development.”

She emphasised that TANGO as an Umbrella body for CSOs and NGOs enters a new strategic period, as “we face massive global challenges”. Despite these challenges, she added, they are optimistic about a secure world and a democratic and prosperous Gambia.

John Charles Njie, the outgoing chair, explained that TANGO has not only been a recognized first point of call for international organisations but has been the primary voice of NGOs and CSOs in The Gambia.

“We are constrained by limited access to resources, donor fatigue, limited productive Government partnership, which almost isolated TANGO and the CSO community amid the draconian legal environment such as the NGO Decree which limits the scope at which we as NGOs can operate especially during the span of the last strategic years,” he said.

He also urged CSOs/NGOs to abide by the tenets of professionalism, transparency and accountability they are known for and continue to advocate for the rights of the people they represent.

He affirmed that TANGO would continue to advocate for peace, democracy and respect for human and people’s rights in The Gambia.