Monday, June 5

Ahmad Gitteh Affirms his independent candidacy for BAC –

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By: Nicholas Bass

Ahmad Gitteh last Friday affirmed his independent candidacy for the upcoming local government election to contest for the chairmanship position of the Brikama Area Council. His intention to stand as an independent candidate come after his rejection under the ticket of the National People’s Party during the primary election that took place between him and his contender, Seedy Ceesay.

Speaking in a press conference held in Brikama last weekend, Ahmad Gitteh said the National People’s Party was unfair by electing Seedy Ceesay over him to contest for the chairmanship position in the upcoming election for the Brikama Area Council despite his clear victory over him by a vote which was canceled.

Mr. Ahmad Gitteh stressed that he was sponsored with the taxpayer’s monies to study in Canada and it is his responsibility to serve his people under an N.P.P ticket as one of the founders of the party after his study in Canada but he was denied.

“I was more qualified than Seedy Ceesay, my contender on the ticket of N.P.P but my party’s injustice has compelled me to serve the will of the people as an independent candidate. I challenged the said election results of the primary of NPP by consulting those responsible but my efforts were futile,” Gitteh expressed with disappointment. 

He added that after the nomination, concerned Gambians implored him to run as an independent candidate in the upcoming Brikama Area Council Chairman election and they testified that N.P.P primary election was unfair.

He called on his supporters to vote for him for better West Coast, stating that he will collaborate with stakeholders to create drainage systems in combating flood in the region coupled with many developmental agendas.

“If I am voted as the chairman of Brikama Area Council I will work hand-in-glove with stakeholders in mitigating the effects of sand mining within the West Coast Region,” he added.