Saturday, June 3

Ahmed Gitteh Congratulates BAC’s newly elected chairman –

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By Mustapha Jarju

As the local government election held on Saturday, 20th May 2023 comes to an end, Ahmed Gitteh, an independent candidate in the just concluded election has congratulated Yankuba Darboe the newly elected chairman for the area.

His congratulatory come immediately after the announcement of the preliminary results of the election in Brikama Area Council, as he walked to the United Democratic Party (UDP) Bureau in Brikama Area Council to meet Yankuba Darboe and extended a victory greeting to him as a new chairman of BAC.

“The people of the West Coast have seen all of us but the majority decided that Yankuba should lead. This is why I am here in his home, which is the UDP bureau to show him that he is the winner,” Gitteh told the UDP crowd who surrounded him in celebration.

Mr. Gitteh called out to the people of the region to be united saying, Yankuba the newly elected chairman of Brikama Area Council will be there to serve everyone, “either you vote for JS or Baisey, he is here for all of us. Therefore, let’s people of the West Coast stand with him regardless of our different political parties.”

Having faith in Allah, he said “I am not sad and this will not make me sad, and I have told my people that I’m always happy because whatever Allah destined for you that’s your peace, and what he doesn’t give you leave that one to be.”

Ahmed Gitteh as he prayed for the new BAC Chairman, he quickly advised him to salvage the women and youth of the West Coast from the difficulties they are facing, while thanking his supporter for their commitment throughout the electoral circle fighting for their rights. 

“We are all good citizens and the reason we all vied for this position is to bring development for our people and help them with an easy life,” he said. 

The world is facing difficulties the Gambia is included, “so, let’s come together and work for the Country, and those in diaspora anything you can do for the Gambia try and do that, and In shaa Allah we (Team Gitteh) are always ready to give any support we have to Yankuba Darboe for the betterment of our people.”