Tuesday, March 21

Ahmed Gitteh Refutes Allegations of Insulting Ministers At NPP Primary

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Ahmed Gitteh, NPP Primary Candidate 

By Buba Gagigo

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Ahmed Gitteh, one of the leading candidates in NPP’s primary for chairman of Brikama Area Council, held yesterday in Brikama, has refuted allegations that he insulted cabinet Ministers who attended the event.

“People are circulating rumors that I insulted the ministers yesterday at the program. The Journalists covered the entire program with their cameras and if i had insulted any minister the cameras would have captured it. Tell them to show me the footage. I remembered speaking to minister Abba Sanyang, I told him what he did is not fair. I am your student and you should fear God,” he said.

Mr. Gitteh said it was Ebrima Sillah who refused to accept the chewed gum as a valid vote and later tried to convince him to go for a second round of voting which he refused.

“He (Ebrima Sillah) told me to leave everything and go for the second round, I told him I will not do it. I told him all of you campaigned against me. He told me if you want you can believe that, I swear that’s what I remembered telling Ebrima. Lamin Saidy knows what he says and tells about me. He spoke to me in an indecent manner. I told him you are a big hypocrite. That’s all I say and nothing else,” he said.

Ahmed Gitteh is contesting the results of yesterday’s primaries. He believed he had thirty-one votes, which was disputed by the officials conducting the elections. 

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