Thursday, June 1

AKI: NA Select committee on health to continue monitoring implementation process –

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By: Nyima Sillah

Hon Amadou Camara, the Chairperson of Parliament’s Select Committee on Health, Refugees, Disaster and Humanitarian Relief, said the committee will continue to monitor the implementation process of the recommendations they put to the Ministry of Health. 

In an interview with this medium yesterday, Hon Camara disclosed that almost thirty recommendations were made by the health committee and they will make sure they follow them during their routine oversight to make sure they are implemented accordingly.

“If you look at the responses of each of the recommendations the government has responded whether they can implement it fully, partially, or not. 

“We are going to monitor it, we plan that once the committee operations start again we will continue inviting stakeholders to make sure that we do all the necessary things accordingly,” Hon Camara.

He added that they have a plan as a committee and they are going to work according to their plans.

However, he emphasized the significance of sensitization assuring his committee’s commitment to the monitoring process of sensitization programs by the Health Ministry in making sure that it continues hence information is power and when people don’t have it, they think everything is normal. 

“The issue of health is dynamic it keeps changing, we can’t just be complaisant because AKI came. We don’t know whether it is gone or not but we have to keep sensitizing the public so we can avoid the future recurrence of this trend,” he stressed. 

Dilating on the authenticity of the figure announced by the Minister he responded that according to their investigation, the figure announced by the Minister was the actual figure, adding if there are new cases, they have not been updated yet. But was quick to say they will follow it up in their routine monitoring. 

“With the issue of the victims we recommended for compensation, we recommended special treatment for those that were affected, and I think these are issues that we will continue observing according to our plan action of activity and oversight,” he stated.

He added that they made the recommendations to the MoH they were up large to respond, and they responded and now it is their (select committee) responsibility to also monitor it to see if they are implemented or not.