Monday, September 25

AKI Victims Association Urges Health Ministry to provide drugs to Hospitals

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By Binta Jaiteh

Ebrima Sanyang chairperson of the AKI Victims 66+ Association has urged the Health Ministry to provide drugs and other basic equipment to the hospitals for the treatment of the patients, adding “our main hospital lack medicines.”

Speaking during a conversation between the families of the AKI victims and the members of the National Assembly select committee on Health, Disaster, Humanitarian Relief, and Refugees, Ebrima added that the development of the country cannot be without a good healthcare system.

He told the National Assembly committee that the little time they spent at the hospital the situation they saw is not welcoming he said they don’t want other Gambians to face the same consequences. ‘’I told the committee that the demise of my son is caused by this drug and the victims are still moaning this incident’’ he said

According to him, he said the committee has assured them that investigations are in progress and the matter will be dealt with according to law and will not be influenced, as the committee told them to provide all the necessary and factual information they have.

“I took an oath before confessing because this is a matter of 66 plus innocent victims who lost their lives due to useless and bad drugs that were manufactured by an Indian Maiden pharmacy, I told them that my son died due to this drug,” he explained.

However, he said the committee has shown that they are concerned about the national crisis according to the report that the Medical Control Agency said that the children died due to flood in the rainy season. They said that caused diseases “we disagree with that statement made by them because the victims’ houses were not flooded. We want to know whether the drugs were tested and if it was confirmed in the country for human beings to consume that is a question I am posting.”