Sunday, November 27

Al- Muktar Arabic School Principal demands equality from English counterparts

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By Binta Jaiteh

Mam Bai Cham Principal of Al-Mukhtar Arabic School in Wellingara has expressed his dissatisfaction and disappointment with English teachers who treat those attending Arabic Schools unfairly.

In an interview with this medium, he said many parents approached him and vent their anger on English teachers who imposed compulsory study classes on students immediately after school hours

According to him, to make matters worse, any student who fails to attend the study classes will not be allowed to sit for exams which he said is not fair to the children and also to the Arabic academics.

“The Gambia is a Muslim nation whereby over 75 percent practice the religion Islam so depriving them of other engagements is not right. Imagine how would our society and country will be in the next generation if we fail to neglect the children from learning the Quran and Islam in general,”: he observed

“I am Speaking on behalf of the whole country not only limited to my surroundings but also Wellingara, Nema Kunku, and Sinchu Baliya. I, therefore, appealed to the Supreme Islamic Council to make a follow-up and come up with recommendations regarding this issue” he added

Al-Mukhtar Arabic School has over 200 students who are not paying any fees. The school was founded a year ago by a lady who is late and is now overseen by her daughter Isatou Jallow who is based in the United States. The school, according to the principal, faces lots of challenges including Quranic books, furniture, and stationeries.

Ustaz Cham appealed to the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education to intervene in order to address the situation.