Friday, June 9

Alasana Gitteh challenges visiting participants from Cambridge University to safeguard the continent from brain drain –

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By Nicholas Bass

Mr. Alasana Gitteh of the School of Business and Public Administration at the University of The Gambia has challenged visiting 32 Africans to the university to safeguard the continents’ resources at the Cambridge University Judge Business School.

Speaking at the university’s auditorium on the theme – Forging our path, milestones, and representations of our African identity, Mr. Alasana Gitteh urged the participants to contribute to safeguarding their continent from the deleterious effects of brain drain, exploitation of natural resources, and ineffective governance. 

Mr. Gittteh said Africa is a continent with abundant and exceptional resources but lacks proactive measures to systematically harness its opportunity for sustainable development.

He added that ”the Africa continent is a treasure trove of rich cultural heritage with bountiful resources and a good climate but needs strategic action to leverage these assets for its progress for a better Africans that stands as one people”.

He applauded the University of Cambridge for creating a conducive learning environment where African students can learn good strategic planning and implementation of sustainable development in Africa.