Wednesday, February 1

All Gambian Fishing Boats should have number plate-Omar Gaye

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By: NyimaSillah

Omar Gaye, PRO of Artisanal Fisheries Association of the Gambia has suggested the allocation of number plates for all fishing boats as a measure to easily trace any missing boat at the sea.

Gaye made the wake-up call following a missing boat that went missing for ten days earlier this month.

Speaking to this medium recently, Mr. Gaye said: “If boats have number plates and registered in the system any direction they use or any problem at the sea, it will be easy to trace and solve those problems. Country like Senegal, all their boats have number plate so the same system should be introduced in the Gambia to avoid future problems affecting our boats. Another issue that needs attention is price regulation, all foreign boats and nationals pay the same tariff which is not right and will not have any benefit for the country.”

Gaye challenged the Gambia Maritime and the Ministry, saying they have a big responsibility to play as the fishing sector is one of the key sectors in the country.

“Over 3000 people earn their livelihood either directly or indirectly in this sector. Those that don’t go fishing, just depend on the landing site to gain something for their families. This sector is vital, if it collapses it will be a huge economic loss for the country,” he said.