Monday, March 20

All type of cycles and trucks hit road as commercial drivers continue Sit-Down strike –

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By Mustapha Jarju

As commercial taxi drivers continued with their sit-down strike across the country since Monday 12th September 2022, tricycles, motorbikes, and truck drivers reinforced to take over the general commercial transportation to convey stranded commuters to their various destinations.

As our reporter visited Brikama and some of the surrounding villages as the sit-down strike continued, he found that all the garages within Brikama and the main Brikama garages were almost emptied with few drivers who were trying to carry passengers before the commencement time scheduled for the daily sit-down strike as against the advice given by the transport union executive – to stay at home

Some of the passengers who were stranded on the roads in Brikama were forced by the condition to pay a fare to motorcycles or tricycles which were busy carrying people to their destinations.

In an interview with The Voice newspaper, Musa Saidy, a resident of Sukuta-Nema said, the transportation issue was so challenging since Monday and Gambians faced a lot of challenges to get to their workplaces.

Saidy said, while he was on the highway, he saw how so many people were struggling for vehicles by running back and forth to board either tricycles or trucks to their destinations.

“I woke up in the morning, but I couldn’t have a vehicle, then I returned home, I made a call to my workplace to give them the information that was when they sent me a vehicle to pick me from home,” he said.

“For a solution, it is very important that the government no matter how difficult it may be, let them not work with temper in any challenges they are faced with, but let them try and engage the concerned stakeholders for a lasting solution, “ he added.

Alieu Badjie, a resident of Jambanjelly, West Coast Region said the government is to be blamed when it comes to the transportation issue because of their neglect.

Badjie added that the government is not doing much that one can commend them for, “they are only there for their pocket and they don’t care about their citizens.”

“Talking alone cannot bring changes, a demonstration cannot bring changes even this sit-down strike cannot change anything but the only way forward is to change this government,” he explained his mind.