Saturday, March 25

‘Alleged coup plotters had meeting at Kafuta’

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Testifying further, Mr. Jabbi said that he told Fabakarry that it would be difficult to tell his uncle, when he was asked by Fabakarry to tell his uncle about their matter.

Mr. Jabbi told the court that there was a day his uncle came to Brikama. He told him that there were people who needed his help and whether he could introduce them to him. Thereafter, he informed the court that he had spoken to Fabakarry Jawara who had agreed to meet them.

The witness added that there was a day he went to his uncle at Brusubi with Fabakarry Jawara, where he introduced Fabakarry to his uncle, adding Fabakarry explained to his uncle that they needed the contact of a marabout in Mauritania and money from him for charity.

“My uncle asked which of the marabouts because there are many in Mauritania. Fabakary told him that it is Kara Yakuba family. My uncle told him that he had their number. My uncle called the number but that person did not pick up the call,” he said, adding his uncle later called him and told him that the money Fabakarry Jawara needed was not with him and that they should come back the following day.

“On our way home, my uncle called me and told me that the man in Mauritania had called back. My uncle said the marabout asked him to send the father’s name, mother’s name and the very name and age of the person who wanted his issue to be looked at,” he explained.

The witness added that he later relayed this to Fabakarry, who in turn asked Sanna Fadera. He further told the Court that Sanna later sent Fabakarry the details, who in turn also sent it to him to forward to his uncle.

“I went back with Fabakarry and Sanna Fadera the following day, and my uncle called the marabout in Mauritania but could not reach him again. On the 3rd day, we went there again, but this time Fabakarry stayed in the car as my uncle instructed me that it is only the one whose issue was being looked at that should come,” Mr. Jabbi said.

He further testified that his uncle could not reach the marabout in Mauritania on phone.

“On the fourth day, when I called my uncle, he told me that he was at Kerr Serigne. That day I went with Sanna Fadera alone. When my uncle called the marabout in Mauritania, he received and put the phone on speaker before giving it to Sanna. When my uncle gave the phone to Sanna Fadera, I heard the man telling Sanna that he has looked into his issue.”

“He told Sanna, ‘There are three things, two of which if you get are okay but you will not feel comfortable if you get the third one. You can be head of a clan, you can be a rich man and you can also be a leader.’ He then hung up the phone. My uncle told Sanna, ‘you heard what he said.’”

“The Marabout told him to make up his mind and choose one amongst the 3 things. Sanna told me that he wanted to be a leader. I told Sanna that I would tell my uncle about it, and I went home with Sanna to Brikama,” he said.

“There was a day I received a call from my uncle. I met him at his office at Buffer Zone. He advised me to limit my involvement in their issues as he said those people are soldiers whilst I am a civilian. I then adhered to his advice and later did as he said,” the witness told the court. 

According to the witness, on a particular day, Fabakarry Jawara called him and told him that Sanna would be having a meeting with his people at Kafuta village, adding on the 18th of December 2022, Fabakarry called again and told him that the meeting was on that very day. He said Fabakarry told him that Sanna and his friends were at his house.

He testified that he asked Fabakarry to give him a little more time as he was at Kerr Serigne and his vehicle had a breakdown, which he was trying to fix. 

He told the Court that both Fabakarry and Sanna kept calling and telling him that they were waiting for him. 

“As I arrived at Fabakary’s compound gate, Sanna Fadera’s call entered, and I told him that I was already at the place. I was sitting in the car waiting for them. He came out with two people. One of them is Karamo Jatta. They told me that they were going to Kafuta. As I was heading to Kafuta, Sanna told me that they should pick someone around Joko in Brikama. Someone came out whom I later knew as Ebrima Sannoh (3rd accused person).”

“When we picked up Ebrima Sannoh, we turned back around Jah oil to go to Kafuta. Whilst I was driving, because I did not know Kafuta, I nearly passed the village, and it was Sanna who told me it is here. We saw someone waving at us, whom I later knew as Gibril Darboe (2nd accused). When we stopped there, Sanna asked me to wait for them in the car as they were going to have a meeting and that when they are done they would let me know.

“I sat there waiting for a long period. Sanna later came and said, ‘the sun is too hot. Come and sit here. Sanna handed me a seat. Sat a little far from where they were having their meeting. After a while, he came and told me we should pray Zuhr (2 pm prayer). I even led the prayer,” the witness said.

“After the prayer I took the seat to return to where I sat earlier but Gibril Darboe (2nd accused) said lunch was ready. After eating, Sanna told me the meeting was over, and we then set off for home. I went home with Sanna, Karamo and Ebrima Sannoh. Karamo alighted at Jah Oil,” the witness told the court.