Tuesday, March 21

Alleged coup plotters’ trial: PWD says he was invited as a driver –

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 By Nicholas Bass

 The State’s third witness in the ongoing coup plotters’ trial, Mustapha Jabbi on Monday gave revelation of how the alleged coup plotters called him to be their driver in the alleged coup plot against the president of the Republic of The Gambia before Justice Basiru VP Mahoney at Banjul High Court.

 The former alleged coup plotter who was discharged at the Banjul High Court during his revelation told the court that the third accused, Fabakary Jawara called him on a cellphone where he introduced the 1st accused (Sanna Fadera) and the coup plot against the state to him and they wanted him to drive them during their mission.

 “The 1st accused, Sanna Fadera, told me of his intention of unseating the president of the Republic of the Gambia after my business transaction with Fabakary Jawara who sold me a truck”, PW3 pointed out.

 After receiving this said information of the alleged coup plot, the 5th accused, Fabakary Jawara informed that Yahya Manjang, a marabout at Busura advised them to give cola nuts out as charity and he informed them about a Mauritian marabout who can help them in their mission.

”I was advised by an uncle to distance myself from the alleged coup plotters but they persistently followed me for my service and I directed them to one of my uncles at Burusubi. I also drove them to Busura Village and Kafuta Village where they held their meeting,” he added.

At this juncture, the presiding judge called it a day and adjourned the case to Tuesday, 8th March 2023 for continuation.