Saturday, March 25

Ambassador Ruben hails Gambia-Cuba ties, vows exchange programmes

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Ambassador Ruben explained that the current relationship between the two countries is “very good” and that they are keeping the existing collaboration for more than 27 years.

He stated that the two countries are currently working to cooperate in the areas of education, health and sports, adding they would re-launch the already existing agreement on health and sports.

“We proposed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in the field of higher education. The bilateral relationship at the level of government and the people are really very good. Recently, we had a meeting with President Adama Barrow to say goodbye and we will extend it to the foreign and health ministries. We have evaluated our good relationship and have discussed the necessity for implementation,” the Ambassador said.

He added that the government of Cuba is waiting for President Barrow to visit Cuba this year. On what is expected to be the president’s agenda to Cuba, Ambassador Ruben stated that Adama Barrow’s visit seeks to discuss the areas the two countries can collaborate.

“I am convinced that his visit to Cuba will further strengthen the relationship of the two countries,” he said, using the opportunity to congratulate President Barrow and Foreign Minister Tangara for the upcoming 58th independence celebration of The Gambia.

Speaking on the presence of Cuban doctors in the country, he reiterated that the doctors’ services are based on a mutual benefit and that they help The Gambia to solve the health problem.

Currently, he revealed that four Gambian doctors gained full scholarships to Cuba, saying they specialised in Pediatric Surgery, Intensive Care Unit, and Gynaecology.

“We hope to increase the scholarship because there are many Gambian doctors who graduated and want to do their specialty in Cuba. This is an area we can cooperate more. We have got into an agreement between the two countries and that’s why we want to sign a document with the Ministry of Higher education,” he said.

The ambassador further emphasised that he always communicates with the Gambian doctors in Cuba and that they are very happy and want President Barrow to visit and help other Gambian doctors to do their specialties in Cuba. He added that his government wants to give Gambian students the opportunity to study in Cuba.