Tuesday, June 6

Amhadiya Muslim Jamaat supports Tallinding fire victims

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By Binta Jaiteh

Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat donated bags of Rice, 10kg of Sugar, gallons of oil, and bags of onion with a D500 allowance to each household at Tallinding after a massive Gas fire outbreak last week.

Speaking during the distribution on Tuesday   Mr. Baba Trawally, Amir Amhadiya Muslim Jamaat said it was last week Monday 10th of April when the serious disaster occurred.

“We were passing by and we saw this unfortunate situation. Our regional president of the area informed us and as an Institution we deemed it necessary to assist especially in this Holy month of Ramadan.

“This is all about togetherness and collectiveness, the Prophet said in the month of Ramadan there are three parts, the first week is the Mercy of Allah, the second is the Forgiveness and the last is Salvation, ”  he said.

He also said they would be able to assist all the people who are affected by fire disasters or any other disaster, noting that since the beginning of Ramadan, they have been helping people.

According to him throughout March and April continuously distributed 273 bags of 50 kg rice D256, 050.00.  Oil 235 gallons of 5 liters amounting to 14 nine.D65 .000, Onion, 55 bags of 20kg totaling to D44, 000.00.  Sugar 20 bags of 50-20- and 10kg, 68,300.00 which is equivalent to D518, 000.00.

Mustapha Darboe, representative of the National Disaster Coordinator also said “It is through our collaborative effort and commitment that we can make a real difference in the life of those who face this disastrous act however we should reflect on the challenges faced by the victims and commit ourselves to our shared mission in ensuring that those in need receive the support they deserve.”

However, Omar Bajaha, landlord and fire victim said “We suffered a lot in trying to stop the fire but it was too late. The amount that I spent on this house cannot be overemphasized. We appreciate our sincere thanks to the Ahmadiyya for the kindness and support they offered to my family and the other tenant.”

He expressed gratitude to the Ahmadiyya under the dynamic leadership of Amir Baba Trawally for their generous, timely, and humanitarian support to the poor and needy.