Saturday, November 26

Aminata Touré to run for 2024 Senegal presidency

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Aminata Touré has officially announced her candidacy for the 2024 Senegalese presidential election.
The former Prime Minister of Senegal has decided to abandon the Coalition Benno Boka Yakarr after the selection of the President of Parliament, a position she said Macky offered her prior to the National Assembly elections.

“Macky Sall called me 15 minutes before the announcement of my candidature as President of Assembly to tell me he has changed his mind and that he has another candidate,” he said.

“I would be president of the National Assembly today, if I were in favour of the third mandate,” she stated.

Aminata Touré insists that there was an agreement between President Macky Sall and her for the Presidency of the Assembly. “We discussed it and agreed that the position would come to me.” We had an agreement. This is the truth and I meant to say it.”

The President phoned me to tell me that he had changed his mind and chosen a different profile on Monday, the installation day of the Assembly (September 12) at 9am on Monday, the Assembly day,” she revealed.

“Believe it, if I were in favour of the third term, I would been president of the National Assembly today,” she emphasised.