Wednesday, June 7

Amir Trawally urges ‘sprit of tolerance’

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“A month that draws Muslims nearer to their Creator Allah Almighty, being devoted to His worship, seeking His favours and trying their best in advancing mutual love, brotherhood and unity between not only themselves and their fellow Muslim brothers and sisters but with their neighbours of other faiths. To understand the blessing and also the special favours of this month, we need not look further than the Holy Quran which stated the purpose and blessings of the Holy Month of Ramadan.”

“Ramadan is not only about refraining from food and drinks during the hours of fasting but rather the spirit of Ramadan goes way beyond that. It is a month that helps us become righteous, a month in which the Holy Quran was revealed for our guidance and a month that Allah Almighty says He is nearer to us and answers our prayers and supplications.”

“As the month of Ramadan teaches us many virtues, some have to do between man and God Almighty and others have to do between man and the creation of Allah Almighty be it human beings or animals. We see that during this month, Muslims increase their levels of humility, kindness and are very charitable as well.”

“We should carry those spirits even outside Ramadan and as Muslims, we should try our best to foster and nurture the spirit of Tolerance, love, brotherhood and understanding between us and people of other faiths. Our dear and beloved Master, the Holy Prophet of Islam, Hazrat Muhammad Mustapha(saw), set us the best examples of tolerance, love, brotherhood and understanding not just only between Muslims but between Muslims and non – Muslims alike even the arch enemies of Islam.”

“We have learnt the most beautiful example of the Tolerance and Respect of the Holy Prophet Muhammad(saw) from this incident: It is recorded that the Christians (delegation) of Najran, part of Iraq came to see the Holy Prophet Muhammad(saw). He arranged the meeting in his mosque at Madinah, during the meeting the Christians asked leave from the mosque for worship. TheHoly  Prophet Muhammad (saw) said that the mosque in which they were was a house of God Almighty and they were welcome to offer their prayers there. So they did offer their prayers in the mosque of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw). (Ibn Hisham, I, 575-577). This excellent example is unparallel in the annal history of humanity.”

“The Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw)was very accommodating, hospitable,tolerant and understanding to people of other faiths and this heartwarming gesture of his has demonstrated that. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw)of Islam also lived side by side with the Jews and pagans in Medina and never did he attack, abuse or persecute anyone of them because of they had a difference faith from his.”

As Muslims we have to take the Holy Prophet Muhammad as our role model and live our lives according to his excellent examples. Muslims should always be ambassadors of peace and should never be violent or attacking the faiths/religions of other people be it their properties, places of worship or their persons and personalities. Islam being a religion of peace, tolerance, love and understanding protects not only the rights of Muslims but also the rights of people of other faiths and religions as indicated in the Holy Quran (Ch. 22: V.41).