Tuesday, March 28

Amnesty International KM group concludes peacebuilding training

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By Akitania Nzally

Amnesty International KM Group has successfully concluded two-day peacebuilding and human rights education training with hundred (100) participants.

The training is geared towards educating the trainees on issues relating to human rights and peacebuilding.

Mariama Saho, a student of Charles Jaw Memorial Academy said she learned a lot of new things during the training, “Peacebuilding starts with you as an individual spreading to others, I’ve also learned about the issue of freedom from torture, that nobody deserves to be tortured we all have the right to be free from torture no matter what your age, status, and so on” she recapped what she has learned.

Mutarr N Kanyie, a trainee expressed that “some of us didn’t know our rights, especially in our workplaces but all thanks to the training we have learned about it now we would be able to stand for our rights.

Muhammed Janko, the President of Gambia Senior Secondary School human rights friendly club expressed gratitude to the Amnesty International KM for this important training, he pointed out that during the training he was lectured on the 30 articles of human rights, gender-based violence, and peacebuilding.

According to him, this is the first time he was fortunate to attend such an important and successful training which has a great impact on his life, as a citizen, it’s important to know your rights it helps you to defend yourself.

He further thanked Amnesty International Senegal for the immense support and the American Corner the Gambia for hosting the training for free.

In an extension, he thanked their impeccable resource persons Mrs. Amie Jaiteh Sosseh and Mr. Modou Mboob for their well-organized presentation, which reshaped their thoughts and understanding of their fundamental rights as humans per international laws.

He encouraged other participants to continue to champion human rights advocacy and education, wherever they might find themselves to make the world a better place for everyone.