Tuesday, September 26


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In any democratic dispensation employees of the state and state agencies, be they civil servants, security or defence forces, or others holding public office, are regarded as servants of the people who must act in accordance with the law and be held accountable.

Rapper Sheriff Camara (alias Chipa Yi) was beaten by the police (enforcers of the law), contrary to law and in the process, he lost his properties worth D45,300. He reported the matter to the National Human Rights Commission and the police headquarters who found the concerned police officers liable for their unlawful acts and for the missing items.

Rapper Sheriff Camara being impressed by the attitude of the IGP was willing to accept a compensation of D30,000 instead of the D45,300 that the Human Rights Commission said he was entitled to.

In short, a group of police officers acted contrary to law by beating a suspect and causing loss of property. The police as a force accepted their error and paid compensation to the survivor. In other words, the IGP has allowed himself to be held accountable. This is good practice in governance and should become the norm rather than the exception.

In fact, the police must treat every suspect with respect and dignity and not as a guilty person. They should not lay a finger on any suspect and where a suspect is aggressive or violent minimum force should be used for the purpose of bringing him/her under control.

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