Wednesday, September 27

Analysis on Niger

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Bampha Jaiteh & Njaba Kunda

Undoubtedly, being a Pan- African optimist immensely concerned with events surrounding the situation in Niger is shocking and heartbreaking. History has demonstrated along vicissitude of time numberless that; Africa since the abolition of dehumanisation in slavery and eventual attainment of Independence

 Neocolonialism, Economic, and Cultural independence remain an enterprise within the colonial project, purposefully to reap off Africa through poverty and Ignorance. 

Tabulating these historical perspectives of the analytical chronology of how mysterious Africa and her depressing masses went through Colonialism is inapprehensive. 

We have been informed by history so vividly in time of pain that, this Great and Blessed Continent despite being a hunting ground for the colonial project of Western imperialism had survived sixty-seven coup d’etas, twenty-two of which her Iconic Leaders were brutally assassinated like Patrice EmerieLumumba, followed by Silverno Olympio of Togo in Nineteen Sixty Three.

 The worst ever colour variation in-between man against man through hatred and cruelty was when Henrick Ferfurt instituted the apartheid regime, a historical substance of reminder indicating how pernicious Blacks in South Africa encountered and still encountering as man land ratio is arguably in question. 

The systematic operation of this cruel enterprise within the colonial project aided and abetted with the help of our undesirable puppets of misleading African Leaders who have fallen prey underneath the trappings of power.

 Unfortunately conflicts in Africa are primarily fuelled through arms supply from Western Colonial Project, where armaments are produced and eventually marketed in the continent for execution, as poverty and ignorance have blindfolded the African mindset.

 Libya was once a thriving nation with an economy envious of Europe and survived purported Western sanctions for twenty-five years when Colonel Muhamar Ghdaffi was forcefully toppled from power by the colonial project through hatred and cruelty above all, his charisma of vision in October 2011. 

It is a decade now, and this once beautiful nation is now unstable with no social order. Where is democracy acclaimed?

 All the social fabrics in that great nation have ram sacred by these diabolical people of humanity, and Libya now is a ghost state heading to failure.

However, the entry of Niger into the spotlight was simply because the military junta intervened to rescue mineral resources from plundering wastefully; instead, the oppressed citizens of Niger could access their state’s resources rightfully. 

Sadly crises in Africa from Somalia, T Cameroons, Central Africa, Tigray, skirmishes in Mozambique, Great Lakes in the Congos, South Sudan, coming to the Sahel. 

The much-talked-about Europe had its tribal wars but was resolved through neighbourly disputes by ratification of treaties called Balance of Power culminating with the advent of the industrial revolution. 

Interestingly enough the smell of Uranium including other mineral deposits has prompted these demagogues to intervene militarily in Niger, when Guinea Conakry, Mali, and Burkina Faso had a similar situation, so why is Niger so special. 

The late Ahmed SékouTouré  of Guinea Conakry once said, when an African leader is praised by the West, little do we know that leader has taken the path of betraying his people. 

All foreign nationals in Niamey have now left the country, it is the Africans left to fight and kill each other, less mindful of the Libya scenario as psychological trauma, spilling of innocent blood, women and children, sick and the elderly are the vulnerable. 

Diplomacy through substantial mediation peacefully, where African circumstances are resolved with a definition from foreign interference must and shall never be exhausted. 

The stakes are high with the just concluded emergency summit ending in Abuja Nigeria declaring all options on the table, and the stern response from defiant Junta leaders putting ousted President Bazoum and his captured Ministers at the risk of being killed.

 Understandably high profile Islamic scholars have been delegated by the Federal Government in Abuja to meet The Junta Leaders, and signs have shown their openness to diplomacy. 

West African military chiefs have said they are prepared to use force to restore democracy in Niger following last month’s coup if diplomacy fails.

The generals from the Ecowas group of nations are meeting in Ghana to coordinate possible military intervention.

The Ecowas peace and security commissioner, Abdel-FatauMusah, said almost all member states were committed to contributing troops and are ready to intervene in Niger.

He added that the coup leaders in Niger still had time to pull back from the brink – but said all options were on the table if they did not restore civilian rule.

 We urge their mappings of resolution to yield peaceful outcomes to avert full-scale confrontation. 

We have suffered too long with our unheal venom of depression irritating the demographics of our beloved Continent, which is poverty and ignorance through their pernicious enterprise of Neocolonialism. Awake Africa! 

Democracy is neither East, West, North nor South but the evolution of human experience in the struggle, to order and direct their lives in a manner that ensures the safeguarding and advancement of the Citizenry.

 Ossageffo of the late Kwame Nkrumah in his immortal words often said Leadership is about servanthood! Having been appointed to a certain position of power however or whatever does not allude to you as a demi-god, but an opportunity that requires Service delivery accompanied by Attitudinal Modesty.

 As Soothsayers of inter-generation gap metaphorically we will pursue roaring screaming groaning on top of Futa Jallon high land until peace is the ultimate reality of Justice; as well as the Corner Stone of Creation flourish amicably for all men are born equal with inalienable rights of Freedom and Justice under The Sun.

 The African Union through ECOWAS muted, at the same time blindfolded, deaf with Constitutional Coup d’etas when sitting Presidents deliberately tamper with Constitutions to overstay in power through greed, notwithstanding hell on popular opposition leader Osman Sonko in Senegal.

These are the hard realities that must be harshly scrutinized as a matter of great urgency, rather than hysteria of Western hypocrisy in the name of democracy as a Double Standard relating to Niger of blessed Africa. Allahuu Akbarr!!!