Wednesday, September 27

Angry mob protest woman’s ‘murder’ in Tanji

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By Lamin Cham

The usually peaceful coastal settlement of Tanji was the scene of some disquiet yesterday after some youths protested “demanding the police to hand over a suspected murderer to them.”

The youths burnt tires and shouted in angry tones at the police and health teams, who came to retrieve the dead body of a woman believed to be one Alimatou Sarr, a business woman.

Eyewitness told The Standard that the lady had gone missing a few days earlier but yesterday, her body was found on a field in the outskirts of the village.

Our source said a man identified as Momodou Sowe, a shopkeeper, was immediately suspected by neighbours and others who claimed the man had an altercation with the woman just before her disappearance. It is reported that the lady had entrusted money with the shopkeeper and was heard arguing with him when she came demanding it back.

According to our sources, the woman had been tipped that the shopkeeper had allegedly sold his shop and was about to leave town, hence her insistence to take her money from him.

Our source added that there is wide spread belief that the shopkeeper had lured the woman to the field where he allegedly killed her. After a day or two, the woman’s relatives reported her missing and a search was conducted but the body was only discovered yesterday.

Police spokesman, ASP Lamin Njie confirmed the arrest of 37-year-old Momodou Sowe, who has already been charged with murder.

Asked about the angry protestation by the youths, Njie said some people are very angry about the incident and demanded that the suspect be handed over to them for mob justice. He said when the police naturally refused, they went on the rampage burning tires and shouting and causing commotion.

“But we have deployed more men there to keep the peace. Our people must understand that no one must take the law into their hands and they must allow the police to do their work,” the police spokesman said.