Tuesday, March 21

Anti-Bushfire Laws Should be implemented to Protect Forest Cover-President

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The President of Malayna Peg Association, Lamin Sunno has called on the Government of the Gambia and Department of Forestry to start implementing all anti-bushfire laws if the remaining forest cover of the country is to be protected.

He made this remarks on Saturday 11th February 2023 at the Nyambai Forest Park where his association embarked on a massive cleansing exercise meant to protect the forest park against bushfires as well as raising awareness among the communities around the forest on the issue of indiscriminate dumping within the park.

According to him, since the establishment of Malayna Peg Association it has not relented in embarking on activities towards the protection and preservation of the forest cover, adding that the association has actively taken part in the last national tree planting exercises as well as engaging in routine cleansing exercises within the Nyambai forest as a measure to protect the park.

He observed that the failure of the state to implement the anti-bushfire laws as well as it’s failures to nab and prosecute offenders has led to the destruction of the country’s forest cover beyond comprehension, noting that both the government and the department of forest must brace-up and ensure that all the anti-bushfire laws are implement to the later without fear or favor.

“We are of the view that government and department of forestry should start implementing all the anti-bushfire laws in the country if we are to avoid these recurrences of bushfires in our national forest cover. The failure of the state to implement these laws is making more harm than good to our forest as no one will fear of burning the forest cover hence there is no punishment for wrongdoers,” Mr. Sunno said.

He added: “Another issue that is disturbing to us is indiscriminate dumping activities that are happening in and around the forest parks, there is no forest park designated for dumping. However, we have taken it upon ourselves to be monitoring the activities of those involved in the indiscriminate dumping in the forest and we will not hesitate to report any case to the police.”

Mr. Sunno argued that the protection of the national forest cover against bushfires and indiscriminate dumping is the responsibility of each and every patriotic citizen, arguing that government cannot do it alone and hence everybody should take part to report anyone found wanting of such act to either the forestry department or to the police for corrective measures to be taken against culprits.

“We are calling on all Gambians to join in this noble crusade of protecting and preserving the nation’s forest cover for the interest of posterity because without forest there will be no life. We are also calling on well-wishers and donors to come to our aid in our efforts to be regularly engaging in the activity that is purposely meant to protecting the forest cover of the country,” Malayna Peg Association, Chief appealed.